Show 22 – Upcoming movies, the B-Movie Review, and way too many memorials

Show 22 is here and only a week late!! For this week, we spend some time memorializing the many actors and musicians who have passed away this year (way too many), we discuss the Comcast/Time Warner merger, upcoming movies, and the B-Movie Review! Our B-Movie Review for this week is Lair of the White Worm,Continue reading “Show 22 – Upcoming movies, the B-Movie Review, and way too many memorials”

Show Notes for Dead Heat

I don’t think either Treat Williams or Joe Piscopo deserve these overly dramatic opening credits Whoa! Vincent Price! Cool!!!! The credit’s font looks like the one used by Aaron Spelling throughout the 1980’s. These Mexican wrestler bandits look like they just got off work at the oil refinery Somehow I think sticking a full loadedContinue reading “Show Notes for Dead Heat”

Pancho’s Notes for Death Race 2000

Here’s my viewing guide for this stinker if anyone wants to punish themselves by watching it. Roger Corman & David Carradine! This should be PAINFUL!!! Opening credits look like they were done by an elementary school art class. Well, the first minute is certainly weird enough: a high school band plays the Star Spangled BannerContinue reading “Pancho’s Notes for Death Race 2000”

Show Notes for The Human Tornado

If you simply must put yourself through the torture of watching this film, here’s my guide to expect. Let the funkiness begin!!! I hear that Dolomite’s one bad mother… Wait! Wrong movie! Jerry Jones is in this movie! I’d always wondered where he got the money to buy the Dallas Cowboys. And he wrote theContinue reading “Show Notes for The Human Tornado”

Pancho’s Notes from “Battle Beyond the Stars”

Howdy, folks!!! Part of my prep for the B-Movie Review is taking notes while I’m watching the film.  I’ll be the first to admit, this is my vain attempt to pretend I work for Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theater 3000.  (I guy can dream, I guess.)  Anyway, my cohorts think they’re rather amusing, so I’mContinue reading “Pancho’s Notes from “Battle Beyond the Stars””