Show Notes for Dead Heat

  1. I don’t think either Treat Williams or Joe Piscopo deserve these overly dramatic opening credits

  2. Whoa! Vincent Price! Cool!!!!

  3. The credit’s font looks like the one used by Aaron Spelling throughout the 1980’s.

  4. These Mexican wrestler bandits look like they just got off work at the oil refinery

  5. Somehow I think sticking a full loaded sub-machine gun down the front of your pants is not a good idea.

  6. OK, I hate Joe Piscopo’s character already.

  7. Yeah, I really hate him.

  8. And a cameo appearance by the holographic doctor from Star Trek: Voyager.

  9. That’s the LAPD for ya! Say drop your weapons then open fire.

  10. These cops have worse aim than stormtroopers.

  11. This movie has all the feel of TJ Hooker. Sadly, it would be greatly improved by William Shatner’s presence.

  12. Seven minutes in and we’ve already established every buddy cop movie cliché in the business.

  13. Ah, the ’80’s! When you could still smoke in the office.

  14. It’s a fake aquarium, you dipshit!!

  15. Ah, the ’80’s! When you had to print out information to give to the police instead of sending it to their smartphones.

  16. Why does this idiot think a PR lady would know what a drug was used for?

  17. An “asphyxiation room” with a viewing window. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? And which one of our “heroes” do you think will get locking into it?

  18. Isn’t that the giant computer that Richard Pryor built in Superman III?

  19. I see we also have a guest appearance from Fat Bastard.

  20. And there goes Treat into the asphyxiation room!

  21. And a mystery person wearing black gloves starts to remove all the air from the room. How much you want to bet it’s Darren McGavin?

  22. Wow! They actually killed a main character! Only to bring him back as an indestructible killing machine, I’m sure.

  23. This lady is one of the worst actresses I’ve ever seen. Her delivery is as bland as melba toast.

  24. RoboTreat has arisen!!! The streets shall flow with the blood of the unbeliever!!

  25. Is this a TV pilot? It sure feels like one.

  26. Favorite line so far; “I’m not deader than you are!”

  27. So, Treat is dead, then he’s brought back as RoboTreat, now he’s only got 10-12 hours before he becomes a pile of goo. And his first thought is to buy makeup at the drugstore so he won’t look like a corpse. Priorities RoboTreat: you got ’em!

  28. This PR lady is whiney, but she’s a better actress than RoboTreat’s girlfriend.

  29. And she’s Vincent Price’s daughter, apparently. Must have been a surprise, cause she’s easily 60 years younger than he is.

  30. A PR person delivers drugs from a pharma company to a guy in Chinatown. I’m sure that happens all the time!!

  31. Bob Guiccone must have bankrolled this film. So far, we’ve seen two people reading magazines: Penthouse and Omni.

  32. Now we’ve got zombie chickens, pigs, and fish. This movie just jumped the shark in a big way.

  33. Oh, and zombie ducks! Don’t forget those.

  34. And a headless zombie bull. That’s just wonderful.

  35. I love how RoboTreat can wrestle with what appears to be a zombie liver and get crushed by a zombie bull, but still not have his hair mussed.

  36. How do police officers manage to drive Thunderbird convertibles? That never happens in real life.

  37. I just got it: RoboTreat’s character’s name is Roger Mortis. What a terrible joke!

  38. How can someone like Joe Piscopo, who was so funny on SNL, be so lame in this movie?

  39. Darren McGavin just put in an appearance. Probably so the audience won’t forget he’s in the film and totally not the bad guy! Of course not!

  40. This is an awfully well lite graveyard.

  41. Why is there a phone and a lamp inside the tomb?

  42. The director must have some fixation on aquariums. There have been three or four in the film so far.

  43. We have boobies! They’re decaying zombie boobies, but boobies nonetheless!

  44. So, is Joe Piscopo dead? Was that him with his head in the aquarium? I’ll be demanded if I can tell.

  45. And RoboTreat just figured out who the bad guy is! And they totally didn’t telegraph it through the entire film. No way!!

  46. So, when you bump and ambulance’s front fender on another car, it’s light’s automatically turn on. Huh. Didn’t know that.

  47. RoboTreat’s been in a fire! And his hair got mussed!!

  48. So, Vincent Price isn’t a zombie in this film? Least he’s still creepy.

  49. I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a Wilhelm Scream so far.

  50. Funny how bullets don’t stop the zombies, but electricity does.

  51. Guess that was Joe Piscopo in aquarium. And apparently now he’s a brain dead zombie. How can you tell, I want to know?

  52. Yeah, Darren, shoot the zombie cops. Bullets have worked so well on them to this point.

  53. So, Darren killed himself, now the cops are bringing him to life to kill him again. That’s just petty.

  54. Oh, and he exploded.

  55. And they walked off into the light. Jesus.

  56. And in the end everyone in the film dies!! Fun!

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