Show #15 – In Which We Get Serious

Sorry for the lack of updates last week!  Rando was on vacation and we didn’t record, so I pushed back this one.  Ok, the truth is, I forgot to put it up on Friday.  Sorry.  But Rando is on vacation!! We tackle the Boston Marathon bombing and the state of modern journalism this time around. Continue reading “Show #15 – In Which We Get Serious”

Show Notes for Dead Heat

I don’t think either Treat Williams or Joe Piscopo deserve these overly dramatic opening credits Whoa! Vincent Price! Cool!!!! The credit’s font looks like the one used by Aaron Spelling throughout the 1980’s. These Mexican wrestler bandits look like they just got off work at the oil refinery Somehow I think sticking a full loadedContinue reading “Show Notes for Dead Heat”

Show #14 – Advertising, Video Games, and various references to the Hamburgler.

We’re back with another exciting episode of MLCTF!  This week, we discuss current events, advertising, video games, review our B-Movie, Dead Heat, and make a lot of random references to the Hamburgler. Here’s the trailer for Dead Heat: BTW, that’s Joe Piscopo’s expression through most of the film. And a link to the Kool-Aid manContinue reading “Show #14 – Advertising, Video Games, and various references to the Hamburgler.”

Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??

I’ve never been a baseball fan.  I found the sport to be too slow and somewhat old fashioned.  Some things have been have happened over the past year or so that have started to change that opinion. One, was watching the excellent Ken Burns documentary Baseball.  Being out of work, I finally had a chanceContinue reading “Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??”