Show 24: Sports and a really crappy movie!

We’re back after another long and unplanned hiatus!  I promise we’ll get back to something of a regular schedule eventually.   This time around we’re primarily talking about sports.  Specifically, that wonderful piece of humanity Donald Sterling, as well as the roll money plays in pro and college sports.  To lighten the mood, we endContinue reading “Show 24: Sports and a really crappy movie!”

Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??

I’ve never been a baseball fan.  I found the sport to be too slow and somewhat old fashioned.  Some things have been have happened over the past year or so that have started to change that opinion. One, was watching the excellent Ken Burns documentary Baseball.  Being out of work, I finally had a chanceContinue reading “Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??”