Trash for the Masses #5: Equinox with special guest David Leninhawk.

Join us for a special edition of Trash for the Masses as we discuss 1970’s Equinox, a low-budget horror film from three college students who “repurposed” $6500 of their tuition money to make this film. Features early visual effects work from artists who would go on to work on Star Wars, Laserblast, and Jurassic Park.Continue reading “Trash for the Masses #5: Equinox with special guest David Leninhawk.”

How classic rock artist’s sound changed over the years.

Nothing ever stays the same and that is true of music, as well. Over the years, the artists we grew up with grow and change. But is it always for the better?

Trash for the Masses #2: The Christmas Shoes (2002)

“The Christmas Shoes” was voted worst Christmas song of all time by, so of course Hallmark made a film out of it! Starring Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams, it’ll tug at your heart strings, or at least trigger your gag reflex.