All the World’s A Stage

Unfortunately the only performance is a giant tragedy that never seems to end. The actors are all done up with their make-up and grease paint and we the audience sit by the glow of our computer screens reading and watching as the play is acted out. There is no intermission, no chance to step awayContinue reading “All the World’s A Stage”

The Well’s Run Dry

Well that is how I am feeling anyway. I have been meaning to post something on this blog not just to try and entertain the masses, but to kindle some sort of spark of creativity in myself. I am hoping by the very act of writing and stringing together some thoughts, I can reignite somethingContinue reading “The Well’s Run Dry”

2014: The Year Formula One Went Phallic!

When I was a kid, I loved auto racing.  IndyCar, NASCAR, Sprint Car, any of it.  I especially liked Formula One.  Why, I’m not entirely sure.  It was more than just a preference for open wheeled race cars, cause I had that in Indy.  I suppose it became my favorite because it was so exotic.Continue reading “2014: The Year Formula One Went Phallic!”

Once More into the Fray…

Hello there loyal readers! It is Lefty here. I finally decided to shake the dust and crumbs off of my keyboard and finally contribute to the millions of unsolicited opinions out here in internet land. It has been quite a while since I have put anything out here. My partners in crime, Pancho and Rando,Continue reading “Once More into the Fray…”