Williams unveils their new livery

If you recall my earlier post about the absurdly penile noses of this year’s Formula 1 cars, you’ll remember that the Williams FW36 was one of the few designs I actually liked.  But since they hadn’t signed a primary title sponsor at the time, the car they brought to testing wasn’t going to look likeContinue reading “Williams unveils their new livery”

2014: The Year Formula One Went Phallic!

When I was a kid, I loved auto racing.  IndyCar, NASCAR, Sprint Car, any of it.  I especially liked Formula One.  Why, I’m not entirely sure.  It was more than just a preference for open wheeled race cars, cause I had that in Indy.  I suppose it became my favorite because it was so exotic.Continue reading “2014: The Year Formula One Went Phallic!”