Episode #2 – Our favorite albums & Teenage Zombies!

Here’s our second episode!!! ¬†In it, we continue our getting-to-know-you series by discussing our favorite albums. ¬†We also review & discuss Teenage Zombies in our first ever B-movie review! [audio¬†https://www.dropbox.com/s/umeinbr0nq9xhum/mlctf%20show2.mp3] If the stream above doesn’t work, you can download the file here: MLCTF Show #2 Our B-movie review for next time is “Bigfoot,” a SyfyContinue reading “Episode #2 – Our favorite albums & Teenage Zombies!”

Hello, Internet!

Perfect first-post title for a programmer-nerd, eh? Rando, here! Just doing some setup. This is to introduce a Taskforce Members category for our personal musings and rants. For instance, I’m typing this while listening to the classic Rankin Bass’ Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I always enjoyed it, but now, while listening to the beginning, itContinue reading “Hello, Internet!”

Welcome to our podcast!!!

The Mid-Life Crisis Taskforce welcomes you to our first podcast!! We’re three guys who have been friends for almost 25 years.¬† As we enter middle age, we thought it might be fun to break out of our ruts and start a podcast!¬† Not entirely sure what direction we’re going to take this yet.¬† Expect usContinue reading “Welcome to our podcast!!!”