Hello, Internet!

Perfect first-post title for a programmer-nerd, eh?

Rando, here! Just doing some setup. This is to introduce a Taskforce Members category for our personal musings and rants.

For instance, I’m typing this while listening to the classic Rankin Bass’ Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I always enjoyed it, but now, while listening to the beginning, it seems that Santa is a complete jerk.

And on a completely separate topic, I’ve been watching the classic anime Crest of the Stars. I hadn’t seen it in years which is sad because: a) I own it on DVD, and b) it’s amazingly good! It is a Bandai title and will probably be out-of-print leaving stores and internet retailers left with stock-on-hand. It’s an epic space opera based on a series of novels which were very popular.

Crest of the Stars is the story about a princess of the genetically engineered race Abh and how she becomes a close friend of a count from planet Martine. It’s worth noting that the Abh had previously conquered Martine and the boy is only a count due to his late father’s position in the planet’s government… It’s a long story, but so worth your time, so get it while you can. Oh, and I’m probably going to stir up trouble, but watch it subtitled. The original Japanese language track is best!

Check out the trailer.


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