Lefty here

I thought I should put down a few words to thank all of our listeners so far! We are having a blast doing this show and we want to keep on doing it. All of the encouraging words we are receving have helped a lot!

As you guys know, the holidays are fast approaching and with it comes thoughts of family and fun and friends. I hope you guys all have a safe and happy holiday.

Now enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get down to the real deal here. My rant for today! Today this humble blogger wants to tackle something that has been bothering me for a long time: Political Correctness. This kill joy has infected our society and culture for far too long. People today are just too sensitive for their own good. Everyone wants to be taken seriously and be counted. That is fine, but in the process, if you make an ass out of yourself, don’t be mad if someone points that out.  I am not advocating hate speech or anything of that sort, I want to make that clear. I just want us as a society to get our sense of humor back. One cannot say anything in this age without worrying about offending group “A” or group “B”. Everyone gets their panties in a knot if just one thing is out of place or if someone doesn’t agree with this “perfect” image everyone has of themselves.

I think as a society, we just need to get over ourselves. Relax and laugh a little. It isn’t gooing to hurt.  Have a good laugh at yourself or your cultural group. We all have things that are silly in our lives and it is funny to point them out and have a laugh at them. Lighten up people! Don’t get so hung up on the little stuff, that you miss the bigger picture.  We are not on this planet very long, so lets not try to take ourselves too seriously, ok? This doesn’t mean being hateful. There is enough hate in this world as it is. There is always room for humour however. 

So just keep that in mind this season when you are out with your friends or family. Have a good laugh, don’t hurt anyone and enjoy your life. We only get one turn on this planet, make sure you make it a good one.

Take care!

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