Miyazaki to receive honorary Oscar

And long overdue, I’d say! From the article: “This Saturday at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ Governors Awards, legendary Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki will be presented with an honorary Oscar in recognition of his incredible career. The 73-year-old filmmaker has retired from the director’s chair, but insists he will remain involvedContinue reading “Miyazaki to receive honorary Oscar”

Things that are making me happy

We bitch a lot on this site, so I thought it’s time for the pendulum to swing the other way. Here are some movies and TV shows that are making me happy right now. Upcoming: There are a handful of movies that I have not yet seen, but from trailers and clips, look very exciting.Continue reading “Things that are making me happy”

Kenji Utsumi (内海健二) RIP

Rando here with some sad anime news. Kenji Utsumi has passed away. He was 75 years old. He was best known by me as the Japanese voice actor for Major Alex Louis Armstrong from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Enjoy a clip. (Copyrights are owners’, I’m not the poster.) He was probably in his mid to lateContinue reading “Kenji Utsumi (内海健二) RIP”

Foreign Music

Hello, internets! Rando here. Been a bit busy, gang. So in our beloved Show 17, we talk about international music (for us, music not from the US or England). So I thought I’d post some links for you to review some of the music I enjoy listening to. If you like the music, please supportContinue reading “Foreign Music”

New Anime I’ve Been Watching

子日は、皆さん! ランドです。 It’s time for another anime roundup! I’ve been getting more new DVDs and BDs than I should, so here’s some highlights. Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl (Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko) This is a really interesting show. I glad of that, because I bought it based on that cool title alone. Ignore the showContinue reading “New Anime I’ve Been Watching”

Hello, Internet!

Perfect first-post title for a programmer-nerd, eh? Rando, here! Just doing some setup. This is to introduce a Taskforce Members category for our personal musings and rants. For instance, I’m typing this while listening to the classic Rankin Bass’ Rodolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I always enjoyed it, but now, while listening to the beginning, itContinue reading “Hello, Internet!”