Ranking Every Pink Floyd Album, Pt 1

Chris & Nate talk about one of our favorite bands, Pink Floyd. We go through a ranking Nate made and discuss every studio record the band put out during it’s 50+ year career. First of a two part discussion.

How classic rock artist’s sound changed over the years.

Nothing ever stays the same and that is true of music, as well. Over the years, the artists we grew up with grow and change. But is it always for the better?

Movie & Music Recommendations: what we’ve been watching/listening to.

We discuss what movies/shows we’ve been watching and what music we’ve listen to recently. And we say goodbye to David Crosby. Some links to some of our musical suggestion if you’re interested: Carson McGee Reina del Cid Daniel Donato

How Much is too Much?

This is the question for anyone who is obsessed with collecting. Doesn’t matter if it is comics, albums, movies, action figures, whatever holds your interest. When do you hit your saturation point when you look around and say: “That’s it, I have enough of the thing”. Thirty-Five years ago, my answer would have been youContinue reading “How Much is too Much?”

Let’s Have Some Fun-My Top 5 Albums

Good evening all! I hope everyone is doing OK tonight. It’s Almost Wednesday, so that’s a good thing. I wanted to do something I have not done in awhile, talk about music. I mentioned along time ago, I love music and I am trying to listen more than I used to. I wanted to justContinue reading “Let’s Have Some Fun-My Top 5 Albums”

Saturday Night’s Alright For…Albums Reviews?

Good evening all! I thought I would try a little album review tonight. Music being one of my passions, I thought I would add some insight and maybe shed a little light on some albums that no one has heard of or have given little to no thought to in many years. I am notContinue reading “Saturday Night’s Alright For…Albums Reviews?”