Welcome to our podcast!!!

The Mid-Life Crisis Taskforce welcomes you to our first podcast!!

We’re three guys who have been friends for almost 25 years.  As we enter middle age, we thought it might be fun to break out of our ruts and start a podcast!  Not entirely sure what direction we’re going to take this yet.  Expect us to focus on music, movies, geekdom, & pop culture.  Oh, and bad movies.  Lots of bad movies.

Anyway, here’s the link to our first episode!  We’re still going throw some growing pains, but we hope you enjoy it and come back again!

Mid Life Crisis Taskforce Episode 1

Our first B-Movie Review will be Teenage Zombies, directed by Jerry Warren.  If you’re a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 or Rifftrax, you’ll know Jerry as the auteur behind such classics as The Wild World of Batwoman and Frankenstein Island.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our podcast!!!

    1. Only you Chris would think of this. Can you pick a better movie… I love musicals you know. LMAO!!!!!! Good job.

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