Today is a time for us as a nation to come together and to give support and love to the families that are hurting so much in Newtown. There are so many questions that are raised about this tragedy. Some questions need to be raised at a later date. There is so much talk of gun control, mental health and security. Yes these need to be address, but at the appropriate time. There has to be time for grieving and for respect for the victims and their families. This event does not need to be politicized or be turned into some referendum on gun control or religion. There needs to be a human aspect to all of this. Once some opportunistic politician or religious leader creates some sort of “catch phrase” or uses this event to push their own agenda, we as a nation lose sight of what is really important. The 20 victims. They are the focus and should be the focus right now. Please take time today and in the days to come to remember them. Don’t let them get lost in the shuffle of all the debate that is to come.

I want to be able to write something that can give understanding, comfort and answers to the families that lost children and to the families of the adults that were killed. I want to be able to tell them it will be OK and that though the struggles they are going through and they will go through, there will be light again in their lives. However, after seeing the faces of the children and the adults that were taken away too soon, it seems impossible to give that right now. I hope they can find some solace in the days and months to come. 

Take care and if you have kids, give them an extra hug tonight.


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