Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??

I’ve never been a baseball fan.  I found the sport to be too slow and somewhat old fashioned.  Some things have been have happened over the past year or so that have started to change that opinion.

One, was watching the excellent Ken Burns documentary Baseball.  Being out of work, I finally had a chance to sit through the whole thing and found it to be fascinating!  Seeing the passion that some of the people who participated in it showed toward our National Pastime really opened my eyes to how the game is played and how much it impacts our culture.  I started looking at it with fresh eyes, I suppose.

The other thing that happened was I started listening to AM Radio in the evenings.  This began when I restored my father’s old shortwave receiver and starting listening to it before bedtime.  In the summer, there’s a lot of baseball on AM and I discovered that this was a good way to enjoy the sport.  I find it to be too slow on TV, but on the radio it’s just the right pace.

So, taking all that in mind and needing something to write about here, I’ve decided to start paying attention to the sport and blog about my experiences here.  Since I don’t have a local team to root for, I had to find one to follow.  I picked the St. Louis Cardinals for two reasons.  The first being that one of the AM stations I pick up strongly in the evenings is KMOX 1120 out of St. Louis, which carrys the Cards’ games.  The other being that I typically tend to pull for teams that are underdogs and don’t win very often.  For once, I wanted to support a team with a pedigree!!!

The Cards play their first game tomorrow night!  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to tune in!  And I hope you stick around to enjoy it with me!



4 thoughts on “Springtime, when a middle aged man’s thoughts turn to… baseball??

      1. I’m a Cincinnati fan so I’m biased. However, if not Cincy, I would go with the Washington Nationals. The Nats have a good young team (too bad Bryce Harper is such a douche…but boy is he good) and are the closest team to Raleigh which means you could easily take a day trip sometime up to D.C. and see your favorite team play. Or you can just stay with the Cards. Just be prepared to live with the fact that you will be rooting for the Duke Blue Devils of baseball!

  1. I thought about picking the Nats. Probably will follow them as my #2 team. We’ll see. I’m new to all this, so my allegiances are subject to change.

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