Yes dear!! I’m doing it, dear!!!

Things have been a mite hectic in MLCTF land of late.Ā  Rando & Lefty have been busy with work issues and I’ve been busy trying to find a job period.Ā  Luckily (I guess), I got a part-time job today.Ā  Won’t pay as much as what I was making before my unemployment was taken away (fuckContinue reading “Yes dear!! I’m doing it, dear!!!”

Episode 6: Star Wars, Zombies, and a dramatic reading of Thrift Store

Welcome back! Ā Episode 6 features a discussion of JJ Abrams directing Star Wars, zombies, and Lefty does a dramatic reading of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”! MLCTF Show 6 Our B-Movie review is of Roger Corman’sĀ Battle Beyond the Stars.