Yes dear!! I’m doing it, dear!!!

Things have been a mite hectic in MLCTF land of late.  Rando & Lefty have been busy with work issues and I’ve been busy trying to find a job period.  Luckily (I guess), I got a part-time job today.  Won’t pay as much as what I was making before my unemployment was taken away (fuck you so very much, NC GOP!), but it’s better than nothing.

As is a shock to no one, episode 20 will be late.  My apologies.  We recorded two Saturday’s ago, but my brain has been too preoccupied with job hunting to begin editing it.  Now that that’s not an issue now, I should be able to get started later this week.  However, we did something different with that show and it’s going to be a more complicated edit.  We’ll have it out sooner or late, I promise!

In the meantime, and without any consultation with comrades, I’m declaring this to be Admiral Ackbar week!  IT’S A TRAP!!!

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