Quick blurbs on recent (and not so recent) movies

Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Loved it! It will be going on the shelf. Got the soundtrack too. It really is an Awesome Mix! Also saw Expendables 3. Those fuckers are really getting old. It was a fun time though. Also saw Godzilla. Stupid, stupid, stupid! And not in the way you’d like.

2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!

So the pomp and circumstance are over now. Let’s see how we did this year: Lefty: 2/6: 30% Pancho: 2/4: 50% Rando: 4/5: 80% Well, what do you know? I won this year. (takes a bow) And to think that I haven’t seen a single nominated film. Oh, and The Wind Rises lost to aContinue reading “2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!”

Oscar Picks 2014

It’s the day of the Oscars today. I can remember when I was a kid being excited about the show. You got to see your favorite actors and root for movies you liked. Now that I’m older, I find that it’s just a little amusing diversion. I don’t even watch the show anymore because it’sContinue reading “Oscar Picks 2014”