Crazy stupid fun

Jeezus God Almighty!

It’s been awhile internet. Once again work has kicked my life in the balls. And life has kicked my life in the balls. But this past weekend has been a holiday and I have somewhat enjoyed it.

Where I live, it’s illegal to shoot fireworks. I don’t know the history. I speculate that some dumb-ass set off a firecracker and hurt some uptight mother’s kid; so we all have to pay. At my age, while I’m happy that America still exists, fireworks are no fucking fun if you can’t shoot them off yourself. So I stayed in and watched movies.

So, good internets, I watched Rumble in the Bronx, Cannonball Run, and The Expendables. Why? Look up. They’re Crazy Stupid Fun.

I guess we all need that sometimes.

Oh, and a 12″ disco ball in your office at work.

And, as a reminder, Jackie Chan is Fucking Awesome!


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