2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!

So the pomp and circumstance are over now. Let’s see how we did this year: Lefty: 2/6: 30% Pancho: 2/4: 50% Rando: 4/5: 80% Well, what do you know? I won this year. (takes a bow) And to think that I haven’t seen a single nominated film. Oh, and The Wind Rises lost to aContinue reading “2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!”

Oscar Picks 2014

It’s the day of the Oscars today. I can remember when I was a kid being excited about the show. You got to see your favorite actors and root for movies you liked. Now that I’m older, I find that it’s just a little amusing diversion. I don’t even watch the show anymore because it’sContinue reading “Oscar Picks 2014”

Episode #3: All about movies!

We’re back from our holiday vacation and recovered from the plague! ┬áThis one’s all about movies, both good & bad, with a little old man ranting thrown in for good measure. MLCTF Show 3 Clicking the link above should let you stream through this website. ┬áPlease let us know if you have any problems! Pancho!