Over 40 and I love video games

There I admitted it. I do love them. I have been playing them for over 20 years now and I haven’t grown tired of them yet! I started this relationship with my first video game system, an Atari. It was amazing to 12 year old me. The graphics were shit but it opened a new world for me. I played games all the time. Back in those days, you could just turn down the volume to the game and listen to music while you played. I miss that! Then down the road, I boght a Commodore 64. That was just as cool to me. I loved the games, even though they were nothing compared to the ones today, there was still a charm to them.

These days, well it is a little different. The games are more complex, the graphics just blow you away and there is so much choice out there. It is hard to decide what is the right game to play. They are not cheap either. 60 bucks for your standard 360 and PS3 game. So I decided to start up a little review segment here on the blog. It will cover the games I am playing and the games I have played. Just to give you and idea on what I like and what I think yo guys out there in cyberspace might like as well.

So be on the look out in the next few days for my first review!

For your viewing pleasure:

Take care,


For the love of Anime

Rando here.

I’m a 42 year old man who loves cartoons. There, I said it. I think that animation is an important art form and is vital for some stories. There are some things that just cannot be conveyed in a live-action medium. The mind simply cannot accept something so realistic and yet so artificial at the same time. Enter animation.

Here are a few series and movies that I thing are worth your attention. This will range from the silly to the dramatic, so hang on!

1) The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
This is a very interesting show about a time-travaler, an alien, an esper, a normal boy, and, for lack of a better term– a god. The god (well… goddess, really) character is looking for something extraordinary in her life. Something like the existence of espers, aliens, and time-travelers. Everyone but the boy has been sent to observe the goddess (Suzumiya Haruhi). The boy (Kyon) knows everything, Suzumiya knows nothing about the true natures of the others, believing them to all be fellow students. Here is the story of 4 very special people and a normal boy with a dry wit trying to cope with it all.

2) Utawarerumono
Wow, this is a really good dramatic fantasy piece. A man with no name and no past awakes to find himself in the care of a kind woman he does not know. He wears a mask that neither he nor anyone else can remove. All the people around him are anthropomorphic animals. The setting appears to be in feudal times. This world has magic, demons, corrupt emperors, and a shocking secret. This man works with the villagers who have saved him and together, they share a chequered life.

3) RahXephon
Pronounced Rah-Ze-Fon. How to describe it? In short, it’s like Neon Genesis Evangelion, but easier to understand. The “Angel” characters designs are all based on ancient idols and fetishes. It makes for a visually stunning piece of work. Also, it’s very dramatic with great acting (from the original Japanese actors) and lush characters. Check it out! You’ll be glad you did.

4) Read or Die
It’s the library secret service. Just watch the opening below. It’s an adventure series about a paper-user, a woman who can phase through solid objects (think Kitty Pryde, but sexy and deadly) and a commando.

5) Summer Wars
This is a title I was hoping would get an Oscar nomination. It’s a fun movie with good characters that you can emote and root for. A math whiz gets roped into playing the fiancée of a popular girl in school. He has to meet her family and pretend to fulfil the girls need to please her elderly grandmother. Hilarity and adventure ensue when a rogue AI program assimilates the main global online social network (which also controls much of the real serivces and technology of their lives) and tries to kill the entire family.

That could never happen, could it, Facebook? 😉

Well, there’s a lot more. But I’m going to save them for future posts. So give these a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Stay tuned for more!


Show #4!

For your perusal, here is Show #4 of our podcast, in which we discuss current events, (namely the bizarre Manti T’eo hoax, that asshole Lance Armstrong, and doping in sports). And we throw comic books in for good measure.

MLCTF Show 4

Our B-Movie for this week is Surf Nazi’s Must Die.  Watch at your own peril!!

If you’re not brave enough, you can enjoy Pancho’s Show Notes instead:

  1. Believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Troma film before! Least not that I know of.
  2. This opening sequence just screams the ’80’s.
  3. There’s a character called “Smeg’s Mom”. Oh wonderful.
  4. I’m expecting to either be told to “leave the Bronx!” or see the Paper Chase Guy come riding up on his annoying motorcycle.
  5. Suspenders with no shirt is a good look for almost anyone.
  6. Someone spray painted “Suck”on the wall. They must have seen the rushes.
  7. Is it bad that I’m actually hoping Jaws appears & eats these people?
  8. Adolph? Mengele? You’ve got to be kidding me!
  9. I’ve seen better acting in Ed Wood movies.
  10. The Exorcist called and would like their theme music back.
  11. Not since Dr. Frankenfurter has a more femmy character descended from above!
  12. The Nazi’s have a battleship? Quick! Alert the RAF!!
  13. I’m starting to like the old black lady!
  14. It would be nice if something would happen at some point.
  15. We have boobies!!! Surprised it took this long.
  16. The level of homoerotic tension amongst these guys is palpable.
  17. So, Leroy is dead, but he’s also out swimming at the same time? How does that work?
  18. I’m so glad they decided to film the confrontation between Adolph & Mengele from the other side of an aircraft hanger.
  19. Adolph was an economics major. WTF?
  20. The A-team also called & wants their van back.
  21. Eleanor vs. Smeg!!! Go Eleanor!!
  22. And now more pointless shots of people surfing. Roger Corman himself couldn’t have padded out this film any better.
  23. The term “skank” isn’t quite strong enough to describe Eva.
  24. Something apparently happened to piss off Adolph, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what.
  25. Now some fishermen are pulling a some guy off the underside of a pier. Does anyone know what’s going on here?
  26. Favorite line so far: “There’s no room for Jesus on the beach!”
  27. Did the director of this film suffer some sort of brain injury that rendered him unable to tell a coherent story?
  28. Second favorite line: “I want something that’ll take a honkey’s head off at 20 paces!”
  29. Not sure which character annoys me more, Smeg or Smeg’s Mom.
  30. That was Chariots of Fire on the phone. They’d like their theme back as well.
  31. I think I could have assembled footage from random films and made a more coherent story than this.
  32. I sense there’s about to be a rumble, but if the earlier part of this movie was any indication it’ll probably take place off screen.
  33. Oh, joy! More pointless surfing scenes!
  34. You’d think if a guy was going to become a Nazi & call himself Adolph, he’d at least shave his mustache properly.
  35. Mengele needs to take his anti-spaz medication.
  36. Well, at least some stuff is happening. I could care less about it, but…
  37. Has this suddenly become a nature film?
  38. No, I suppose not. ):
  39. Grenades!!! Hear comes Eleanor!
  40. I can’t tell if Adolph is upset about Mengele getting killed or he’s trying to pass a kidney stone.
  41. Look out LA! Eleanor has a Harley & she’s pissed!
  42. OK. I’m lost. Adolph & Eva followed Eleanor on the bike in their van. But now, they’ve got the bike & Eleanor is following them in the van. Huh?
  43. And more surfing!
  44. It’s nice to see the city keeps that slag heap right by the beach.
  45. I can think of better ways to get away than surfing.
  46. Down goes Eva! Skanky even in death.
  47. I think you have a better chance of being hit by a meteorite then throwing a knife at a moving boat & killing the driver.

Episode #3: All about movies!

We’re back from our holiday vacation and recovered from the plague!  This one’s all about movies, both good & bad, with a little old man ranting thrown in for good measure.

MLCTF Show 3

Clicking the link above should let you stream through this website.  Please let us know if you have any problems!


4 Walls and a Hell of a Commute

Happy New year to all! I hope the new year finds everyone happy and healthy.

Today’s post comes from an internal struggle I think a lot of us face. Work vs Accomplishment. I work for a living. I earn a decent wage. I wake up every morning at 5:30, let the doggies out and just watch a little news before getting ready. I drive 45 minutes to work. I do my daily grind at work. I become part of the machine. I stare at my 4 walls and wonder to myself why I do this to myself. Why do we all? I go home watch a little television, maybe listen to some music or play one of my video games. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Multiply that by 5 and you have a work week. I work but I accomplish very little.

I know why I work. In reality I need to pay bills, I need to eat, I need to be able to save for retirement. Those are the easy answers. This is also why I do not accomplish anything. I function in this society of steel and glass. There is no room for humanity. There is only your daily function as a cubicle monkey. I pay taxes, I laugh at the boss’ jokes, I do what I need to do to keep my job. Why do we all do this? Why have all of our lives become this pre-fabricated shell, where there is very little room for the creature in us all that longs to be free? Free of the shackles that is our daily grind. Man was not made for this.

Yes I know you are thinking, this is a lazy man’s view of the world. Maybe it is to a degree. I do not like to work. I get no self-fulfillment for the various tasks I have done to eek out a living throughout my life. This is my point however, there is no joy to be found in all these tasks. They are the soul sucking, life ending jobs that at the end of the day, make us no better for doing them. We work to make shareholders rich. We miss out on time with our families because we have to process paperwork. To become a cog in this machine.

Today this is my take on it. I will have more later.

Take care,


My Own Mid-Life Crisis

If I’m honest, I’ve had my own mid-life crisis. It just didn’t involve a $50,000 car, a divorce and a new 20 year old girlfriend.

In the last two years or so, I’ve become restless with myself and I wanted to do some things I had never done before.

First, I became a gun advocate and then a gun owner. I have two 9mm handguns which I enjoy shooting. I’ve recently tried a .45 and a .40 and I think I’ll be trading up as soon as I can.

Second, since I needed a new car anyway, my current vehicle is a manual transmission. It’s more work, but it’s much more enjoyable. Before getting a manual, I never truly appreciated the convenience of an automatic. After getting a manual, I now realize how much fun it is to drive a car.

Third, I bought a Zippo and other convenient fire-making tools. I just think that it’s a good thing to have multiple resources for making fire should the situation arise

Fourth, I bought a really good knife. Everyone should have a really good knife.

Fifth, I finally took the plunge and bought a really good Blu-ray player for my home theater.

That’s about it for now. I’m sure that it’ll continue at this boring pace for a few more years.