How Much is too Much?

This is the question for anyone who is obsessed with collecting. Doesn’t matter if it is comics, albums, movies, action figures, whatever holds your interest. When do you hit your saturation point when you look around and say: “That’s it, I have enough of the thing”.

Thirty-Five years ago, my answer would have been you keep collecting until you have it all; until every little bit of flotsam and jetsam is yours. My weakness, my kryptonite if you will is music. I was always buying music in some form or the other. It actually started for me at a young age. I was always surrounded by music. My brother and sister, my mother and a lot of my family loved music. They formed the building blocks that evolved my love, my obsession of needing to hear a new sound. I remember as a kid I had many of the Disney story records from their movies. The soundtracks from the Jungle Book, Robin Hood, and Winnie the Pooh played on my cheap turntable I had received one Christmas. I also found my brother’s and sister’s old 45s. “Old Brown Shoe” by the Beatles and “Blueberry Hill” by Fats Domino found a comfortable place next to my Disney Soundtracks. I would sit for hours and listen to these albums. They opened my imagination and they made me want to seek out more. Little did I know just how expensive an endeavor this would be over the years.

I remember in high school Left and Poncho and myself would go buy cassette tapes of everything we could afford and get our hands on. We would listen to these together and on our own. We discovered new music and I can say for myself, I realized just how important music was to me. It was my friend during late hot summer nights when I couldn’t sleep. It was my companion in the car when I would drive around. Picking out music for our trips was just as important as the trip themselves at one time. The right album for your mood at the time. The wonderful thing about music is that it is the one consistent thing you can count on. No matter how sad, angry or happy you were, the music you listened to was the same. For better or for worse, I learned a lot of lessons through the music I listened to. The music was there for you. It was just a needle drop or a pressing of the play button for you to get lost and forget the outside world for awhile.

Now looking back after all of these years and at all of the music I have collected, I find it is different now. The collecting took over of the enjoying of what I bought and sought out. I have probably over 100 cds right now that I have bought in the last few years that I haven’t even listened to yet. The hunt was the important part. The listening would come later, but as of right now, it hasn’t. I don’t get the same joy as I did when I was younger. Write it up to not having the time, depression, age or a combination of these things and more. My main listening area is in my basement and I bet I haven’t sat down there in over 6 months to listen to anything. Mostly my music comes from Spotify either on the computer or in the car. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but that is not the same as laying back after putting a cd in the player, drink in hand and just losing yourself in the music. I still love music, I just do not have that youthful feeling of awe I would have listening to Van Morrison or Stevie Nicks or the Stones. I am trying to get that back, but I am not sure how.

I guess my point is after all of this rambling is to enjoy the present. Do not get so caught up in collecting and wanting that you forget to enjoy what you have in your hand. That is one positive thing I can say about Spotify. Whether you agree with their business model or not, they have made it extremely convenient for me to find something after just a couple of key strokes. It has opened me up to music I might not have listened to normally. I will admit it is a bit “soulless” compared to listening to an album or CD and looking through the sleeves to experience the total immersion that comes with that. It is a trade off for this modern world.

Please let me know how you feel and how you listen or experience music. was it a life changing event for you when you were younger or even now? I’d love to hear from you. That’s all I have for right now. I will try to be back sooner with some more ramblings. Until then, look after yourself and those around you.


First reaction movie riff of The Manster!

Join as we watch and react to The Manster for the first time! This was recorded prior to our discussion what was featured in last week’s Trash for the Masses episode. Simply start this recording when you press play on the film! Hopefully it syncs up properly! 😀

Watch for on Amazon Prime (colorized):

Or on YouTube (Black & White):

Leprechaun: The Review (Sort of)

Hello everyone. Sorry it took so long to finally get around to this, but let’s just say it has been a particularly crappy couple of weeks since I watched Leprechaun. Mostly my job. I have a soul vampire of a corporate job where the award is you get a paycheck and you get up and do it again the next day. The song “The Pretender” by Jackson Browne pretty much says how I feel about life right now. But all is not lost. I do receive comfort from quality movies such as “Leprechaun”, oh wait….

Well with low expectations I watched the movie and let’s say it did not exceed any of them. It is labeled a “horror/comedy” on the cover of the DVD I have. It comes up short on both. This film is a 1993 offering from writer/director Mark Jones who has brought us other sizzling cinematic options as 1998’s Nightman and 1995’s Rumpelstiltskin. Mental note to check those fine films out. I am sure there are criterion versions out there.

Well I suppose I should start with the “plot”. To be fair there is a story there, not much of one, but one is there nevertheless. There is a brief backstory of an Irishman who has somehow ripped off our friend the Leprechaun and has his pot of gold. Not really sure how this happened, just accept that it does. He tells his wife they are rich and their worries are over. Our little wee person shows up and let’s just say that our Irish friend regrets stealing his gold. The gold isn’t actually found by the Leprechaun and there is this bit where our Irish friend traps the Leprechaun in a crate with a four leaf clover. I won’t go into too much detail just in case you actually want to watch this turd.

This brings us to present day and Tory (Jennifer Aniston) and her father riding down the road. Apparently she is out visiting her dad for the summer. She of course is constantly bitching on how she doesn’t want to be there and how she hates it. Now before I go too much further, I cannot go without saying that Jennifer Aniston is just simply awful. I mean bad. I have never been a fan, but seeing this performance, it makes me wonder even harder how she became famous. So Tory and her father wind up at his new home that is getting remodeled. From there we meet Nathan played by Ken Olandt. Of course we know immediately that Tory and Nathan will be love interest.

The home in which Tory’s dad owns, coincidentally is the one our Irish friend and his wife owned. From this point we meet our other “heroes”. Alex and Ozzie, or in other words, our comedy relief. I use that term in the broadest sense. They offer very little comedy and no relief. In just this moment while writing this, I just realized what I was doing. I am sitting here trying to write up a deep dive write up for a movie that no one gives two shits about. It’s a bad early 90s horror film. Not good enough to be anywhere near a classic nor is it a so bad it’s good movie. So in mid review, I am abandoning this and will continue with Leprechaun II and hope it is better than this. I think instead I am going to give a quick review of the cd I was listening to while writing this. I am listening to the 1991 Crash Test Dummies CD: “The Ghosts That Haunt Me”. I decided on a whim to listen to it, remembering that I really liked it when it came out. I must say I still like it. It’s a laid back CD and the vocals of Brad Roberts are really fits in with the material . The songs are light hearted and easy on the ears. It is just a good pop album. At the time, these guys were one of the few “new” bands I liked. The sounds run from jaunty to melancholy. The big hit from this album was “Superman’s Song”. A surprisingly thoughtful song concerning the death of Superman. I don’t know, all I can say I just like it. It brings back some good memories and makes me smile. If an album can do that for you, it is worth its weight in gold.

Leprechaun: A Critique That is Totally Unnecessary

Hello there everyone. It is Lefty and I am finally back after a long hiatus. Actually all of the MLC Taskforce is back, but this is my official return to posting in what I hope you be a regular occurrence. So I figured my first post should be something big and incredibly stupid. I have assigned a task for myself. I am going into a deep dive into a series of movies one would not think of doing a deep dive of. It is the Leprechaun series. There are 7 of these movies for some reason and I have decided to sit down and watch them and post my thoughts and provide any tidbits or trivia I can find. I will probably regret this, but it needs to be done. I am doing this for you gentle readers. Doing this so you do not have to. I am not sure with how much frequency these will come out, but I do hope to have at least one review posted by this weekend. This will be painful I am sure, but it is all for the sake of writing. I have wanted to get back to this for quite a while now, but it took Poncho and Rando to pull this group together and get it all going. Special shot out to Poncho for getting our podcast posted on different sources: Amazon, Apple and Google. Yes I am blatantly doing a little self promotion. Check us out, you just might enjoy yourself!

So wish me luck as I crawl my way to the end of a dirty rainbow. One with no gold, oh no, but pain, lots of pain.