Saturday Night’s Alright For…Albums Reviews?


Good evening all! I thought I would try a little album review tonight. Music being one of my passions, I thought I would add some insight and maybe shed a little light on some albums that no one has heard of or have given little to no thought to in many years. I am not really into the technical side as far as sonics, mastering and other such items. I am more into what moves me, what makes me feel emotions and makes me think.

There is nothing quite like a well crafted pop album. Something you can sing along with, enjoy, escape and have some level of emotional connection. I am using the term album in the sense of that is a collection of songs that go well together and explore various ideas and emotions. 99% of my music collection is on CD. I do have a few albums, but I am not a real audiophile. I appreciate vinyl, but for convenience and being able to blast my music, give me the CD any day.

So my first album I would like to review is Tumbleweed Connection by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Released on October 30, 1970, It is one of the best examples of the chemistry between John and Taupin. The music is heavily influenced by the American West and South. The vocal performance is beautiful. John really finds confidence with his voice on this album. The lyrics are straight forward, nothing really complicated. They all tell stories of different characters from a long ago time. The music perfectly intertwines with the vocals. All of the songs inspire images of flowing down some lazy river. Picture riverboat gamblers, steamboats and a simpler time in life. Even the cover, shown above, reflects the out of time nature of the album. It is a beautiful piece of music. No real “traditional” singles are on it, but that is just fine. This is an experience. It is a little slice of Heaven that you can just put on and enjoy. It’s not trying to say anything, it just invites you to listen and enjoy. Some outstanding tracks, in my opinion, “Amoreena”, “Country Comfort” and “Where to Now St. Peter?”

Try it out sometime if you can!  

Thanks for reading!

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