Happy Friday all! Today I am going to just ramble on a bit. I am just getting back into the swing on posting after a very long hiatus. There is so much out there to write about. So much good and bad. Today let’s start out with some positive thoughts to get the weekend off to a great start.

I am excited to go see “End Game” this weekend. I generally tend to like the Marvel Movies, although the whole super-hero genre is starting to wear a bit. I am sure it will be a solid movie, although 3 hours is a bit of a run time. No large sodas for this one. I am curious to see what direction they decide to take the Avengers after this. The whole Marvel Universe is pretty well crafted and there have been some really decent story lines, but I believe some of the actors are going to be done playing these parts after this? Time will tell.

Well as mentioned yesterday, I love video games, music and movies. Not necessarily in that order, but it really depends on my mood. Right now I am focusing more on games and movies. I am not on the cutting edge of gaming by any means, I just have an XBOX One and a PS4. I rarely buy brand new games. $60.00 is a bit steep, especially with the way games are not creeping towards “the online service” model. I personally like single player games and have no desire to play a game online with a bunch of strangers. This is probably because of my age. I always loved “escaping” into a video game, into a world I could discover and explore. I didn’t want or need to socialize. (Yes I do see the irony of me at 48 putting myself out there to a social platform). I think in later posts I will go into more detail about “online services” in reference to video games. it’s very interesting and something I have really started paying attention to. A shout out to Jim Sterling and his YouTube channel (The Jimquisition) for doing to some awesome reporting on this. Check it and his sight out.

I think I will expend on movies and music on a separate post. Still trying to feel this out and see where it goes. I don’t want to babble on too long until I really find my voice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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