Let’s Try this Again, Shall We?

Hello all! Looks like I am jumping in headfirst again into the world of blogging. Granted everything has moved more towards YouTube, Vine, Twitter and the various social media outlets that are out there these days. I however, have decided to start over at a slower pace and hopefully build myself up into this giant media platform where I can add my inane opinions to the others that are out there in this murky void.

I want to talk about various subjects. Fun things like video games, music, movies. Also I will sometimes go down the darker path of politics and the world around us. I know I will be setting myself up for a barrage of comments from trolls, if anyone ends up actually reading any of this, but I figured might as well go all the way!

A little about me. I am 48, married and find myself in a unique situation where I still enjoy all the distractions I did as a younger man, but I am looking at them with a different viewpoint. No longer am I this giant fanboy of the things I love, but see them now with a more cynical eye. I am not expert on anything. I just have my opinions and ideas I just want to share. I will obviously back serious ideas with facts and not go off half-cocked, but there will be quite a lot of rants of things that bother me that I see in everything around me.

The plan is to post something everyday. I am trying to create a schedule of topics and try to bring a unique perspective to them. Eventually, I would like to have a podcast and more outlets to spread the love. I do have a Twitter handle (@MLCTaskforce) that I will be posting on as well.

That is all for now! There will be more to come!

Take care!

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