Monday Morning Blues

Good morning all! First I wanted to start off apologizing for not having a post yesterday. My goal was the post every day when I started this back up and I have let myself and my one to two readers down. In my defense I will say I spent an enjoyable Sunday between video games and napping, so it wasn’t a total waste of time!

So we all made it to another Monday. Back to the drudgery and soul sucking that is the work week.  So to try and avoid this same feeling of dread, I decided to post on the company’s time this morning. (Plus I have to work 5 hours Saturday for training, so if they take 5 hours of my time, I am taking 5 hours of their time). I find as I get older, time is just as much of a commodity that has value as anything else. You do not realize that when you are younger, I certainly didn’t. As I have gotten older and hopefully a little wiser, I have realized that my free time is valuable. It has much more worth to me than money. This overtime for Saturday, doesn’t mean squat compared to my time away from work. That’s not saying I can’t use the money, I can, but eventually life becomes more about money and what you can earn. It is about what you can leave behind, what you can create and leave out there for other generations to see. Always remember, your time is worth more than anything else. You can’t get it back.

On to something a little less depressing. Did not get to see End Game this weekend. My wife and I are going this week. I want to see it before I get slammed with Spoilers on Reddit and Twitter. I will probably add my review to the millions that will be out there. Hopefully the crowds will be a little small er during the week. Mini rant here. Is it me or are people just the worst in theaters these days? Between cell phones and screaming kids, any enjoyment is usually drained out by the time the trailers end. Can’t you stay off your phone for the 2 hours it takes to watch a movie? How important is your life that you just have to reply to a text or tweet as soon as you receive it? Keep the phones put up people. It is not much to ask. I am not even going into the whole child issue. I will just say, parents keep your kids on a leash and shut them up. That is not asking much for two hours either.

Well i guess I better get on with my day. I will probably post again later. Everyone have a good one!







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