Tuesday Night Deadline

Well I almost didn’t make my post today. It’s been a pretty uneventful day really. Did see the trailer for “Sonic the Hedgehog”. It makes me want to give up all hope. Although it still looks better than the Ghostbusters remake from a couple of years ago. I suppose they are trying to compete with the upcoming Pichachu movie. The character itself looks scary. They have turned him into some or of human hedgehog hybrid and the result is very disturbing. This one I will watch once it hits Netflix, which probably won’t be very long after it’s release.

In general I’m unhappy with the state of movies in general. It’s not the worst period of movies we have ever seen, but it’s pretty close. It’s hard to find any original ideas out there. Everything is either a reboot of a known product or something so bland and unoriginal that you forget about it an hour after you watch it. I’m talking about you Aquaman.

Well tonight is a short rant. Tomorrow I plan on seeing End Game. I’m sure I’ll do a review for it.

Take care!!

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