That’s My Secret. I’m Always Angry.

It seems like that is the case as of late. Angry at things I cannot control. Angry at the state of the world. Angry at the state of my life. Angry that time passes way too quickly with no regards to anyone. Seething anger that sometimes has no reason or rhyme. Maybe it is partContinue reading “That’s My Secret. I’m Always Angry.”

Retro Album Review- White City: A Novel By Pete Townshend

Sometimes when a member of a very successful group releases a solo album, it runs the risk of being proportionally as good or proportionally as bad as the group’s work. This is not the case with White City: A Novel by Pete Townshend. It is a surprisingly solid record all the way through. With thisContinue reading “Retro Album Review- White City: A Novel By Pete Townshend”

The Days Gone By

Maybe I am feeling sentimental today or maybe it is the thoughts of Spring slowly creeping its way in that’s got me thinking of the past. The change of the seasons has always made me a bit moody and this year is no exception. I don’t want to go into this diatribe on how betterContinue reading “The Days Gone By”

The Company of Strangers

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me these days we communicate rather than talk. Go to a restaurant, look around and you will see teenagers, parents, girlfriends, hell even people on dates sitting there and staring into the glowing comfort of their phones. They have the stare of someone who looks likeContinue reading “The Company of Strangers”

Retro Album Review – Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf

Hello out there! Lefty here. I am debuting a new feature for our blog. As the title states, I want to try my hand at reviewing/critiquing different types of music. For now I will be sticking to the CDs I own. There will be very little new music in these. I do hope however, toContinue reading “Retro Album Review – Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf”

All the World’s A Stage

Unfortunately the only performance is a giant tragedy that never seems to end. The actors are all done up with their make-up and grease paint and we the audience sit by the glow of our computer screens reading and watching as the play is acted out. There is no intermission, no chance to step awayContinue reading “All the World’s A Stage”

The Well’s Run Dry

Well that is how I am feeling anyway. I have been meaning to post something on this blog not just to try and entertain the masses, but to kindle some sort of spark of creativity in myself. I am hoping by the very act of writing and stringing together some thoughts, I can reignite somethingContinue reading “The Well’s Run Dry”