Retro Album Review – Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf

Hello out there! Lefty here. I am debuting a new feature for our blog. As the title states, I want to try my hand at reviewing/critiquing different types of music. For now I will be sticking to the CDs I own. There will be very little new music in these. I do hope however, toContinue reading “Retro Album Review – Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf”

2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!

So the pomp and circumstance are over now. Let’s see how we did this year: Lefty: 2/6: 30% Pancho: 2/4: 50% Rando: 4/5: 80% Well, what do you know? I won this year. (takes a bow) And to think that I haven’t seen a single nominated film. Oh, and The Wind Rises lost to aContinue reading “2014 Oscar Prediction Roundup!”