Show Notes for Dead Heat

I don’t think either Treat Williams or Joe Piscopo deserve these overly dramatic opening credits Whoa! Vincent Price! Cool!!!! The credit’s font looks like the one used by Aaron Spelling throughout the 1980’s. These Mexican wrestler bandits look like they just got off work at the oil refinery Somehow I think sticking a full loadedContinue reading “Show Notes for Dead Heat”

Mid-Life Crisis Taskforce #12 – Movies & TV

For your listening pleasure, here is show #12!! MLCTF Show 12 We discuss underrated music, TV show bands, what we’re watching, and we review the cult classic Death Race 2000.  If you don’t want to put yourself through the pain of watching the entire film, here it is in under 10 minutes:

Episode #9 – Current events, celebrities in surprising, and a review of “The Human Tornado”

We’re back!!  New content, ahoy!!! MLCTF Show 9 This week’s B-Movie Review is the Dolomite film, “The Human Tornado”.  It’s bad, bad, bad!!!  Here’s a taste (NSFW):