Thursday Night Live…Sort of

Good evening all. Hope everyone is doing well! Not a lot going on tonight, just thought I’d not down a couple of random thoughts I’ve had today. Work was slow, so my mind wandered off a lot. So I think I’m going to start writing more. Not just on the blog, but more for myself. Start up writing my poetry again. I want to get back into it. This blog seems to be a good format for it. I received quiet a few likes for my last poetry post. (Thanks everyone who took the time to like my post). It was a confidence booster, I have to say.

I was thinking about just the times we live in today. Things just feel fucked. There is so much out there that is wrong. A cloud that covers everything and there is no light for us to lock on. I was thinking though, there is hope. Our youth of today will be the ones to fix what has been broken. I work with a lot of great younger people. They are smart, caring and are beginning to see just how rigged the game is. Millennials get a bad rap. They are smart enough to see the BS in our world and think that it can be better. It really gives me hope.

Not too much else going on right now. I really wanted to jot this down not just to ramble, but I want to keep posting. I want to get back to fun things too: movie, music and video game reviews. They are coming!

Everyone take care!

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