Understanding, More than 50 Shades of Gray

Good morning all! I am finally back after a few days. Not sticking to my posting every day yet, but I will get there. Today I want to talk about the most import of the three subjects from my Peace, Love and Understanding posts.

Understanding. It is so hard for people to try and do. For a lot of people the world is black and white. There is no middle ground, no room for empathy or trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, no gray. I believe people should look at the world around them, embrace the differences and realize in the end, certain things just doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter what deity you pray to, who you sleep with, how you identify yourself. These are all personal to the individual and really shouldn’t affect you or your way of life. Having said that, I do want to stress that we should try to understand where people are coming from. Most people like to use the world “tolerate”, but I just feel there is so many negative connotations to that word. Just try and understand that everyone doesn’t feel the same way you do. Try to have some informative discussions. Don’t be afraid to ask why, I think some people would love to engage in an informative and calm discussion of their beliefs. I won’t say most, because there is so much hate and fear and misinformation out there. Just go to Reddit, find a controversial subject and read the comment section. No shortage of ignorance there.

Black and white seems simple enough with certain ideas and concepts. Killing is wrong. People can agree on that, however there are shades of gray that fall within that statement. The death penalty, abortion and euthanasia all bring the shades of gray to this. Depending what you believe, maybe it doesn’t. My argument is, that it should. Our society has become so emotional yet so heartless when it comes to these three subjects and others. We cannot have a mature debate anymore. People want to be “right” even though they are not factually correct. I know these are emotionally charged issues. There are tons of them out there. The people usually yelling the loudest are the ones who understand the other side the least. If we cannot sit down and discuss these, I personally think we will reach a point as a nation that the divide cannot ever be bridged.

All I am saying, in the end, is try and learn more about people. Try to understand what makes them tick. In the end, you will find they are not that much different than you. Let’s try and end this cycle of ignorance that has seeped into our everyday. Don’t be a dick on social media, no one needs that. learn to listen to people, try to empathize with them. I am not saying you have to agree, but just try to have a heart. One day, you are going to want someone to understand where you are coming from. It takes a little patience and kindness. It is not much to ask for the benefits that it will gain.

Take care!

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