Love..Not America’s Style

Good evening all. It has been a couple of days hiatus for me. Saturday was spent bumming around and today was spent running errands and Mother’s Day stuff. Not my mom, but my godkid’s mom. It was a nice day and I wish all of you moms a happy mother’s day!

On to the topic at hand: love. This is the second part of my peace love and understanding write up. I think Mother’s Day is an appropriate day to talk about love. What’s more beautiful and pure than a mother’s love? Sometimes however, a mother’s love can be twisted and have dire consequences for the rest of us. Of course I’m talking about those wonderful mothers who don’t believe in vaccinating their children. I’m not gonna go into the research that basically prove vaccinations do not cause autism. (Thanks Jenny McCarthy for bringing so much misinformation that we have fucking measles breaking out throughout the country). These mothers who believe in this anti-vaccination nonsense say they love their children and don’t want to being harm to them. Well despite tons of evidence to the contrary, your love for your child is making other kids sick. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU!!! Just take a second and re-read that last statement. Let it sink in. I really don’t think I have to hammer that point in any harder. Get your fucking kids vaccinated.

Now that I’m through with that rant, let’s focus on love and how there seems to be some much less of it these days. I suppose every generation has said that at one point in time, but with social media and 24 hour news, we can just flip a switch and see how little love is in the world. What has caused love for your fellow human to be such a passive and unimportant emotion? Why is it laughed at in certain circles in this country. (I could be referencing Republicans and “Christians”).

I wonder if we are quickly becoming a world of sociopaths. There is so little emphaty out there anymore. I don’t want to bleed over into understanding, but it’s hard to talk about love without mentioning understanding. They go hand in hand. Murder, rape, poverty, hunger, pick your topic. They are glossed over on the news. These are buzz words now. We might weep for a day, but then we go the next day and concentrate on what the Kardashians are doing. If we could somehow focus the love and keep the fires burning tomorrow and not just as it happens I believe we could start and make things better.

That’s all I have for tonight. I hope you take this to heart and bring some love into the world.

Take care!

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