Do You Believe in Magic?

I used to. Not the flamboyance of David Copperfield or the Jedi Mind tricks of Chris Angel. I mean real magic. Sitting on the porch, the summer sun setting and a cool breeze blowing across your neck. The perfect song coming from the stereo. A peaceful setting, a mind at ease. Friends and family hanging out together and swapping stories. I am not usually one for being sentimental, but there is a definite lack of magic in the world, well at least in my world. I was thinking just this morning that life gets way too complicated as you get older. Priorities are skewed and one gets wrapped up in situations you wouldn’t even care about when you were younger. In the end, does anyone really hope we will be remembered for whatever job or career one has tried to eek out a living with? I can just imagine the scene: A casket draped in flowers, mourners bowing their heads in silent thought or prayer. “Wow, that Bob”, someone thinks, “he was one hell of an insurance salesman” or “No one could
push papers like Sue”. Doesn’t seem right to me.

Perhaps the magic is still out there. I am thinking it just might be harder to cast the spell as we get older. It doesn’t surround us naturally like it used to. There is something to be said about youth. The innocence and naivety are what is missed most by me I think. I have become such a cynical, jaded person over the years. That part of me rejects the magic. That part of me circles the drain day-to-day with the same cycle: work, home sleep. It does get harder to recapture something from such a long time ago.

How long has it been since you actually totally enjoyed a moment? What I mean is, when was the last time you got so lost in the present that you forgot about all of your troubles? It has been way too long for me. Our time grows shorter and we only have a limited time to get the most out of life. I am not trying to be a downer, just make you realize that life is a gift. We make of it what we want. So go and make something of it. You are not defined by your job or how much stuff you have. All we have when it is all said and done are our memories. Those cannot be taken away. Go out and make some new ones.

I guess that is all I have to say for now. I needed to get this off my chest. Hopefully someone out there will read it and know what I am talking about.

Thanks for reading,


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