Pancho’s 2014 Oscar picks!

Kinda late getting this posted, so here goes!

Best Picture: For a change, I’ve actually seen a few of the films that were nominated this year!  I really want American Hustle to win, cause it was a great fucking movie.  However, I have go with 12 Years a Slave to actually take the statue.  Not just because it also won the Golden Globe or because it’s also a great film, but because it just has that air of inevitability.

Best Actor: Haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club yet, but everyone is raving about how great Matthew McConaughey was in it.  If he doesn’t win, it’ll be Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave.

Best Actress:  Don’t know about this one!  Some tough competition here!  Loved Amy Adams in American Hustle, so that’s who I’m picking.

My random category is:

Best Animated Short Film: I’m going with Get a Horse, which was the Mickey & Minnie Mouse cartoon which ran before Frozen.  It’s fucking awesome and enough reason to plop down the $10 to see the entire film.

I’ll also be sorely disappointed if Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t win Best Support Actress for American Hustle.  She’s easily, IMHO, the best actress in Hollywood at this time and turned in a great performance (again).

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