I’m declaring a new national holiday

Rando here.

Well, folks, the boobs on capitol hill have done it again. The government is in a partial shutdown thanks to the game of political chicken that has been going on these past months.

So I’m declaring October 1 to be National Slap a Politician Day.

This year the deserving recipients are the Republicans. Why? Because they are treating compromise as a dirty word. They have control of the House of Representatives and they want their way and their way alone or they’ll try to take their toys and go home while crying (Boehner) and saying it’s everyone else’s fault.

The Affordable Care Act was passed by Congress and signed into law. That means, like it or not, it’s the law of the land. It’s been challenged a few times and has failed each time. But the Republicans (and I’m lumping the Tea Party in with them) will not let it go and work to make this nation better. They keep trying to defeat it in countless votes and bills that never make it past the Senate. These challenges are meant to reflect that the Republicans are sticking to their core values, but it really looks like they are pandering to their constituents who are just loosing their shit because this looks like Socialism to them. This whole thing just displays their arrogance and impotence. And now countless people have to suffer because they will not work with the Democrats.

I’m not necessarliy pro-Democratic Party here. Hell, I’m a registered Republican, if you really want to know. I just don’t have my head up my ass. It’s Congress’ mandate to argue and debate the bills that are to become law. It’s their job. But, and this is a big but, SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT FOR ANY REASON SHOULD NEVER BE THE OUTCOME OF A FAILURE TO SETTLE A DEBATE!

So I think a little minor slapping is a just reward for these Republicans assholes.

This year, National Slap a Politician Day also coincides with National Double-Slap a Tea Party Member Day (voter and politician)!

Y’all have a nice holiday! šŸ˜‰


One thought on “I’m declaring a new national holiday

  1. I personally believe every day should be slap a politician day! Between this and things the folks who run our General Assembly (also Republican’s, I might add) have done at the State level, I feel like quoting Chef from South Park:

    “Okay, everybody get in line so I can whoop your asses! “

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