Paula Deen the Butter Queen-some thoughts

Well I guess I am not surprised by the cluster-fuck that is the Paula Deen saga. I mean should anyone really be surprised that a 66 year old woman from the south has the attitude that she does? I am not condoning it, but I am asking why all of the shock and the “condescending attitude” that our press and our infotainment news corps are bringing us? Be angry and shocked if you want, but it takes away from the real discussion. I mean prejudice is out there and it is alive and breathing. Let’s discuss that issue and not the fact that Paula Deen herself has these certain ideas and these ways of looking at people. She is the sideshow. She is the current poster child for what is wrong with the South. The real issue is how prevalent these ideas are still in 2013. I mean, not her specific idea of having black men dressed up in suits and standing around at a wedding (a Plantation Style Wedding, I might add). I mean come on…that is pretty fucking weird, but the idea of hating someone because of their skin color. I will also add that it works both ways. Not just white on black prejudice but black on white prejudice as well. It is out there and both sides are responsible. We need to address that and we need to understand why people feel the way they do.

In my opinion, she is a giant phony and this little ruckus has brought that out to the forefront. She will lose her sponsors and she will lose money over this and she will have this giant stain on her that will not be forgiven by some. I also feel that is is one tear-stained Oprah Winfrey interview away from being forgiven by some people. That is just the way things work these days. If you haven’t seen her “apologies” on the internet, you should check it out. The first one was heavily edited and it was embarrassing. The second one was a little better, but she doesn’t seem to have the best PR team around her. Food Network dropped her like batch of bad biscuits.

Another issue that needs to be brought up in this little footnote of entertainment history, is the issue with her brother. If you have not had a chance to read some of the deposition from the trial from her brother, I suggest finding it and reading it. If it is true, he is just another bad example of what is wrong with the south. I love the south. I was born and raised there. You will find some of the nicest and honest people you will ever meet. You will also meet a bunch of ignorant assholes who cannot look past skin color.

Well these are just some random thoughts I had about this. I will be posting more soon! I missed writing and it seems like the world is giving me plenty to talk about!

Take care


One thought on “Paula Deen the Butter Queen-some thoughts

  1. I really don’t think this has anything to do with “attitude”… this has to do with her honesty with a word that she said 30 years ago, and a word that many use today. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a Paula Deen fan, but it has nothing to do with this situation. I will be the first to stand by her FOR this situation, however.

    This world is so backwards and has so many double standards, it’s ridiculous. You can’t tell me that almost everyone in this world hasn’t made a derogatory statement towards someone else in their lifetime. She, at least, admitted it, and is getting hell for it. You have people today saying it on the radio, on tv, and nothing is being done about it. Oh, it’s ok, because one black person is saying it to another. Really? That’s ok? It’s ok when a black person calls a white person “cracker” ? Nothing is ever done/said about that.

    Want to talk about racism? How about all black colleges? All black scholarships. Black History Month. Let’s have an all White College, or White History Month… there’s a fight waiting to happen. African American’s want to sit and complain because their ancestors were slaves. Who freed the slaves? Oh yeah, a white guy.

    Attitude or not, this whole thing is ridiculous. Don’t hold one person to a standard that you don’t hold everyone else to. Don’t condemn her for something everyone else does.

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