NSA or No Secrets Anymore

Hello folks. Looks like a lot has happened since I last posted. Our government, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the Constitution really is nothing but “a piece of paper”. I am not fooling myself, I am not surprised at what is happening with the spying on citizens. Our government has been going this in some form of the other since the 1950’s. Call it “McCarthyism” or “The War or Terror”, it doesn’t really matter. The results are the same: Divide Americans with fear and we will slowly give away our rights and liberties. It is scary what is happening to our country. The scariest part is, we are helpless to make any change. “Vote someone else in” or “Write your Congressman” doesn’t seem to be helping when both political parties are basically the same. Both are bought off by special interest groups, mega-corporations and anyone who has a fist full of money. The interest of the people is decided by political donations, not votes. There is money to be made with war. There is no money in your vote.

I used to think that the “conspiracy” nuts were just that, nuts. Look closer however and you will find some flecks of truth sprinkled on the canvas normally painted with aliens and Bigfoot. I am not saying that the government has this master plan to enslave us and to start this giant Oligarchy, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Americans are trading their Liberty and Freedom for safety. That safety however, is not guaranteed. Boston, Sandy Hook, the Oklahoma theater shootings. These were all events that happened while the NSA has been keeping tabs on us. No one entity can guarantee our safety. Our country is too big and too spread out to even try and make that claim. If we do not speak out, we will truly have lost the war on terror.

This is just my 10 cents worth. A lot of people are saying the same thing. I won’t bore you with Benjamin Franklin quotes or quotes from the Constitution. They are out there. Just keep in mind that what we are really losing is a real sense of security that can only be provided by the people of the republic, not the government. The government works for us. We are the government. “…with liberty and justice for all”.

Take care


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