Video Game Review – Far Cry 3 – Pt. 1

Hello folks! Today I am going to try something new with my video game review. I am going to review his game in stages. These days it is harder for me to sit down and have some solid playing time for my video games. So I try to steal as much time as I can for them. This being the case, I thought, “why not do a step by step review of the game while tracking my progress.” I think it might be a little more interesting than a traditional review , plus it gives me a chance to get a real feel for the game while I tell you guys about it. That being said, here we go.

At first there is a medium length introduction to your character and his situation. He is a rich college kid who gets stuck in this horrible situation with his brother and friends. I will try not to give away any spoilers or too much of the game plot as I go, but it might not be able to be helped depending on the situation. Your character starts out as this greenhorn and from what I can tell so far, he will become this grizzled hard-core soldier. One gets the feeling your character will develop and obviously you will get new skills and weapons as you go, but I am really hoping for a growth in the personality of the character as well. That is lacking in a lot of games. Typically you start out as a Mr. Bad-Ass and you just turn into a bigger bad ass by the end of the game. Hopefully there will be a little more offered with this game.

I have only played about 3 hours so far and it is pretty fun for the most part. There are a ton of side quest (As usual) and of course this develops your character. The main story lie focuses on you rescuing your friends from this island gang that has kidnapped them. It is a free form world. You can walk all around and there is plenty of detail in the surroundings and in the characters. The game play feels solid, the moment is fluid and there is a lot to explore. So far so good!

Not sure how soon, but I will add another part to this review as soon as I can put together a few more hours of play time in this. Drop me a line and let me know how I am doing!

Good luck and happy gaming!


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