Pancho’s attempt at baking bread.

As you my or may not know, I’ve been unemployed for the better part of two months now.  With little spendable cash & nothing to do, I’ve taken to going to various lengths to keep myself entertained; volunteered at a cat shelter, starting learning about the Arduino, making contacts on my ham radio, watching bad movies, etc.  Today, I decided to tackle a new challenge.

With the headache I woke up with this morning feeling better, I decided to try my hand at baking bread! Yes, I’m that bored. Lessons learned so far:

1. There’s a reason folks use a bread machine or an electric mixer when doing this.

2. It’s impossible to work with flour and not get it on every conceivable surface in your kitchen.

3. 10 minutes is a long goddamn time to be kneading dough! Especially if one has a history of shoulder problems.

4. Note to wife: We need a dough hook for the mixer.

My dough is currently “on the rise,” so to speak. More later!

EDIT #1:

5. This cat:

a known scavenger, apparently likes bread dough as I found her on the kitchen counter licking up the flour I’d missed while cleaning up. Cats have a reputation for being finicky, but I’ll be damned if I’ve ever had one that was!

6. Kitchen timers work better when you press the “Start” button.

7. Concrete Blonde makes good baking music!

8. So far so good!!

EDIT #2:


Now let’s hope it’s edible!

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