My Bolonga has a first name it’s O-S-C-A-R-S

That’s right kids, it is Oscar time. That special time of year when Hollywood gives itself a giant pat on the back and fills itself with self-congratulatory punch. If they were not full of self-importance before, these award shows lets them show their stuff for real. From brain draining red carpet interviews to the thank you speeches, there is enough dreck there to fill the Grand Canyon. On this note, let me start with my Oscar picks 🙂

Best Picture- I will be honest, I haven’t seen any of these movies this year. The older I get the less I like going to the movies. These films I am sure have their merit, but let’s be honest, if I never saw any of them, would I really be missing anything? No, I don’t think so. Since Rando and Pancho are picking their winners, I will say that Les Miseables will probably win. Although Life of Pi apparently features a tiger on a boat…that is pretty cool I suppose 🙂

Best Actor- Well this one is a toss-up I think. In the end I think the award goes to Daniel Day-Lewis for his portrayal of the Five dollar bill.

Best Actress- Well the only actress I have actually heard of in this group is Naomi Watts, so let’s just go with her for the sake of argument.

Best Director- I think Spielberg can add this years Oscars to his list of accomplishments. Just a feeling. Lincoln got a lot of hype, even though in this one he didn’t kill any vampires. I guess being historically accurate means something these days?

Best Original Song- Well since they really cut out a lot of awards this year, I choose this one as my totally random pick. I wish they had best Grip or even Best assistant to such and such star, but they don’t. I will go with Adele for her theme from “Skyfall”. Haven’t heard that song…but people are ape shit about Adele, so I am going with that.

Well there they are folks, my Oscar picks. Lets take them for what they are, a not so serious look at a subject that is not serious at all.

Take Care,


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