Game Review # 1- Borderlands 2

Today kids I will dip my toe into the murky waters of a video game review. It’s murky because I have never done anything other than the casual “Yeah it is a fun game”. I was never into a lot of the reviews I have read before. Such technical aspects such as being able to see the reflections of water or the shadows of the characters. For me, is it a fun game? Is it worth replaying? How quickly before I totally lose interest.

Now I must add, at my age, I look for different things than a younger game might. I look for a strong story line, a fun game play and I look for anything that is NOT Call of Duty.

Borderlands 2, by 2K software, all in all is a fun game. It is a first person shooter that has some RPG aspects to it. There is character customization, but for me unless I am totally missing it, there is no reason for it. Being a first person shooter, you do not see the character. (Now as of this time, if there is a way to change it to a third person view, I have not seen it. Please forgive me if I have missed it). Not really sure why it is there.

The game play is fun. As with a lot of FPS, there is weapon upgrades, customizations and so forth. The play is smooth and I have had very few lags. (I must mention I have the PS3 version). Movement is smooth and there is a little problem with me controlling the character.

There is online play, but let’s be honest, at 42 I am not gonna go online and get my ass kicked by a 12-year-old. The though of that is depressing and the idea of me actually going online to play a game with a 12-year-old is creepy anyway. So I cannot speak on how bad or good it is. You will have to find out for yourself.

The story is not to be taken to seriously. You are a “vault hunter” who is lured to a planet with promises of riches. This is not the case of course. There is a lot of humour in the game, which I do enjoy. It is a violent game, so if you have kids, you might want to think twice before you let them play. However, if you are my age, go and kill away! There are a ton of side quests in which you get to level up your character. Some of these get tedious over time, but if you are into the flow of the game, you can get into.

Overall, I would say the game is worth renting, but not buying. Now once it lowers to 20 bucks, yeah I would purchase it. $60.00 for a game is ridiculous, but that is for another post!

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