The Perfect Album at the Perfect Time

Sunday morning and am listening to “Rum Sodomy and the Lash” by the Pogues. It just sounds so good on the cold, snowy morning. I guess this is just a quick review. I haven’t written in awhile and I decided I will whip up a little something. What can one say about the Pogues? They are what you get when you merge the Dubliners and the Clash. Everything from rocking tunes to traditional Irish music. Their unique sound comes from their lead singer or I guess at this point former lead singer Shane Patrick Lysaght MacGowan. His voice creates the narrative and sometimes it sounds like a drunken sailor on leave, but it works. This particular album is amazing in my opinion. Just giving it another listen and I am amazed how the sounds fit in with this morning. One of the main things I like on this album is the production. It came out in 1985 and thank goodness it doesn’t sound like most of the albums produced at that time. Although I cannot imagine this with that kind of production. It is a great introduction to the band. I would highly recommend this. I won’t go over each individual song, but you will have to take Lefty’s word that it is worth checking out.

Well that is all for right now. Like I said it was going to be a short one. Once I am more awake, I might post again later today! Either that or take a nap and hope the snow has stopped by the time I wake up. Take Care!


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