Leprechaun: A Critique That is Totally Unnecessary

Hello there everyone. It is Lefty and I am finally back after a long hiatus. Actually all of the MLC Taskforce is back, but this is my official return to posting in what I hope you be a regular occurrence. So I figured my first post should be something big and incredibly stupid. I have assigned a task for myself. I am going into a deep dive into a series of movies one would not think of doing a deep dive of. It is the Leprechaun series. There are 7 of these movies for some reason and I have decided to sit down and watch them and post my thoughts and provide any tidbits or trivia I can find. I will probably regret this, but it needs to be done. I am doing this for you gentle readers. Doing this so you do not have to. I am not sure with how much frequency these will come out, but I do hope to have at least one review posted by this weekend. This will be painful I am sure, but it is all for the sake of writing. I have wanted to get back to this for quite a while now, but it took Poncho and Rando to pull this group together and get it all going. Special shot out to Poncho for getting our podcast posted on different sources: Amazon, Apple and Google. Yes I am blatantly doing a little self promotion. Check us out, you just might enjoy yourself!

So wish me luck as I crawl my way to the end of a dirty rainbow. One with no gold, oh no, but pain, lots of pain.

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