I’m baaack.

I’m baaack! I’ve got lips again and I’m going to use ’em, baby! (Can you guess where that’s from?)

Whew. It has been a very long few months for me. Work really kicked my life in the ass, but my project finally got its official release yesterday. I haven’t slept this good without alcohol in a while.

So my life’s been work and home for the longest time now and I’m ready to scream and let off some steam. Unfortunately, this close to the holidays means my time and choices are limited. Not sure what I’ll do… I need to take my gun back out for a spin at the range. I’ve still got a ton of DVDs and BDs to watch. I’m trying desperately to avoid yard-work.

I’ve been looking at several .45 caliber guns. I don’t need one, I just want one. My problem is that the ones I really want to look at and test-fire are pretty much unavailable– well, except for one.

Here’s the short list:

The CZ 97BD:

The Stoeger Cougar 8045:

The Springfield Armory XDM 45 4.5:

And, as a last resort, the Para Black Ops 14.45

But I really need to test-fire all of these before I put my money down. The closest I can get to doing that is driving several hours away to specific gun ranges. Guess I’ve got some day and weekend trips ahead of me.

That’s about it for now (technically, I’m working from home today).


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