Absolutely nothing, just like the song says. Hello folks, it is Lefty here! After a long hiatus from posting, I thought I would shake the dust off and give my two cents about the state of things. Looks like we just can’t keep our dirty little hands out of the Middle East, now can we? This week’s excuse for war is nerve gas. Now do not get me wrong, the use of chemical warfare is reprehensible, however, killing kids and civilians either by gun or gas is bad. Why do we decide in this case we have to intervene? Look at the atrocities that happen in Africa on a daily basis and no one in this country gives two shits about that. There is no speeches by the president trying to save “face” as people are killed and tortured over there in droves. I wonder why? Oh that is right, there is not a pipeline for oil around there just waiting for the government to get its greedy little hands on and control. Also, Africa is not anywhere near Iran, which is the ultimate goal of all this saber rattling anyway. It just makes me angry that the government is so fast to go to war. Our country and its people are war-weary. Most of us, according to recent polls, look at this as a civil war that the US has no business getting involved in anyway. We cannot afford the war. We have so many internal troubles and an economy that bleeding profusely with only a couple of Dora the Explorer ban-aids holding it together. Personally, I think they should let the UN go in there and work out some sort of working relationship between Assad and these rebels. We paid our dues to the UN, lets see a little return on our investment. I know I am probably over simplifying things, but sometimes, I think a simplified answer could work out the best. I am hoping our government is using the “threat” of war as a tool for negotiation and not an actual policy, but it is too early to tell. When you see our “leaders” start wrapping themselves in the flag telling you why we should do this, then that is the time to worry.

Peace to all,


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