Video Game Review: Borderlands 2

Yes, I realize I am very late for the party. While everyone else is enjoying ” The Last of Us” I am reviewing Borderlands 2. Well 60 bucks for a new game is not feasible right now in the Lefty household, so I am gonna make due with what I have! 🙂 Don’t even get me started on the new systems that will be coming out by Thanksgiving. Those will have to wait until they drop in price as well.

Where to begin. This is obviously a sequel to the original Borderlands. By using the word sequel, what I am really trying to say, as with so many video game series, it is basically more of the same with prettier graphics. They have tweaked the character types and made everything brighter, but it basically the same as the first game. A lot of running around and killing stuff and getting loot. It is mindless fun. Don’t even bother trying to follow the story, it is not even interesting enough to even try. I really couldn’t tell you what I am doing or why. I just enjoy shooting up NPCs and it is a pretty good stress reliever. The controls are solid and fluid. Your movement is quick, the pace is quick and there is the usual impossible levels which make you through your controller on the ground, but that makes for a good game! So far I have logged 40 hours in and there seems to be no end in sight. Plenty of download content will keep you busy if you do finish it. There is online play, but let’s face it, playing online sucks. I don’t need to be called an “asshole” by some random 12 year old. So I cannot give a honest review of the online features.

It is Rated “M”. The kiddies should not be playing. Save it for when they get older. I think it is down to 30 bucks now, even lower if you find it used. If you like mindless fun, give it a shot!

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