Sunday!! Sunday!! Sunday!!

No I am not thinking about a monster truck show…just that it is Sunday and Sundays, well they basically suck. Not sure if you are like me, but my Sunday usually consists of waking up around 8 and dreading Monday the whole day. It is a miserable day. It goes by too fast and Monday morning is here before you know it, sticking its tongue out. The weekend is over before you know it and you are back in your 4 wheeled cage, commuting to your other cage where you spend 8 hours and go back home to do it all over again. Seems pointless, doesn’ it? I know what you are thinking : “Lefty, you just have to get out and enjoy the day for what it is worth”. Well to that I give a resounding “Fuck You.” I have ben doing this routine for almost twenty years now and I am telling you, it isn’t getting better with age.

It’s not that I like being like this, but damn it, someone has to state the obvious. We are trapped by our surroundings. Victims of our day-to-day routine and we walk around like sheep, being lead by the Shepard who is waiting just to find us alone when no one is looking…you know what happens from there..

I know I have written a similar post in the early days of this blog, but it bears repeating. Yes we have to pay bills, yes we have to put up with a huge amount of bullshit from the world. Sunday is one of the days I get these feelings the strongest. It just feels like we are spinning in a circle, waiting for the no-tooth Carney to stop this Wheel of Mis-Fortune. There is no real answer, I know, but it does feel good to vent.

Thanks for reading,


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