Over 40 and I love video games

There I admitted it. I do love them. I have been playing them for over 20 years now and I haven’t grown tired of them yet! I started this relationship with my first video game system, an Atari. It was amazing to 12 year old me. The graphics were shit but it opened a new world for me. I played games all the time. Back in those days, you could just turn down the volume to the game and listen to music while you played. I miss that! Then down the road, I boght a Commodore 64. That was just as cool to me. I loved the games, even though they were nothing compared to the ones today, there was still a charm to them.

These days, well it is a little different. The games are more complex, the graphics just blow you away and there is so much choice out there. It is hard to decide what is the right game to play. They are not cheap either. 60 bucks for your standard 360 and PS3 game. So I decided to start up a little review segment here on the blog. It will cover the games I am playing and the games I have played. Just to give you and idea on what I like and what I think yo guys out there in cyberspace might like as well.

So be on the look out in the next few days for my first review!

For your viewing pleasure:

Take care,


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