4 Walls and a Hell of a Commute

Happy New year to all! I hope the new year finds everyone happy and healthy.

Today’s post comes from an internal struggle I think a lot of us face. Work vs Accomplishment. I work for a living. I earn a decent wage. I wake up every morning at 5:30, let the doggies out and just watch a little news before getting ready. I drive 45 minutes to work. I do my daily grind at work. I become part of the machine. I stare at my 4 walls and wonder to myself why I do this to myself. Why do we all? I go home watch a little television, maybe listen to some music or play one of my video games. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Multiply that by 5 and you have a work week. I work but I accomplish very little.

I know why I work. In reality I need to pay bills, I need to eat, I need to be able to save for retirement. Those are the easy answers. This is also why I do not accomplish anything. I function in this society of steel and glass. There is no room for humanity. There is only your daily function as a cubicle monkey. I pay taxes, I laugh at the boss’ jokes, I do what I need to do to keep my job. Why do we all do this? Why have all of our lives become this pre-fabricated shell, where there is very little room for the creature in us all that longs to be free? Free of the shackles that is our daily grind. Man was not made for this.

Yes I know you are thinking, this is a lazy man’s view of the world. Maybe it is to a degree. I do not like to work. I get no self-fulfillment for the various tasks I have done to eek out a living throughout my life. This is my point however, there is no joy to be found in all these tasks. They are the soul sucking, life ending jobs that at the end of the day, make us no better for doing them. We work to make shareholders rich. We miss out on time with our families because we have to process paperwork. To become a cog in this machine.

Today this is my take on it. I will have more later.

Take care,


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